Update: 1 Release In

I don’t update this site nearly enough as I should, so this is a somewhat belated update.

An Idiot in Love was published a few months ago and is doing rather well. It is available in paperback, ebook and audiobook, and should be in most bookstores. It didn’t get as much attention in the UK as it did in the US and I’m still trying to remedy that, but it’s available wherever you live.

Next up is This Is How You Die, which was not previously self-published (unlike An Idiot in Love). Of the half-dozen books I sold to Skyhorse, this is the one I am looking forward to the most and I have a lot planned for it.

Around the same time I will also be releasing a non-fiction book under my real name. I won’t give too much away on that one just yet, but I’ll announce it closer to the time.

Quote from This Is How You Die:

“As the night wore on, I realized that I was correct in my initial assumptions: he was a prick of the highest order. He was a narcissist, an ignorant fool, and he was also a terrible liar. Not only did he drop several names and contradict himself on stories of meeting celebrities—most of which I had never heard of—but he also told me that he had been single for ten years, even though he accidentally dropped the name of his wife, and what I assumed were his kids, into the conversation. He was apparently an “openly gay” man who was actually so far in the closet he was one step away from Narnia. He also told me that he was a self-help guru, a yoga master, and a student of insight meditation, when it was obvious that the only insight he got came in crystallized form and could be traded for a blow job.”