Release Day!

It has been 2 years since I gave up on self-publishing and 18 months since I began working with Skyhorse Publishing to republish all of my books. And the wait is finally over. An Idiot in Love is released today in the US.

It hasn’t exactly flown by, as I’ve been freelancing throughout and there has been a lot of editing, discussions and promotions, but it’s worth the wait.

My editor, Nicole Frail, has also been fantastic throughout. Moving from self-publishing, where I had complete control, to traditional publishing, where I had very little, was difficult. But she was fantastic. I’m sure it’s not easy dealing with a curious author who asks endless questions, forgets the answers and then asks them again. I also owe a lot to my agent, but I’ve already gone through that in the acknowledgments and won’t bore you again.

The promotions have begun for An Idiot in Love and I have been featured in a few local and national publications, with more on the way. WinitForHim are currently featuring a promotion where you can win a first edition copy and I’ve also done some interviews elsewhere, which I’ll link to shortly.

For the next few weeks freelancing will take a backseat and I’ll be whoring myself out to any publication, book shop or radio/TV show that can help me sell books.

This should be interesting…