This is How You Die

A few months after An Idiot in Love is published through Sky Horse Publishing, This is How You Die will follow. This hasn’t been published before and I was actually sitting on the idea for this book since 2008, before writing it throughout 2013.

We’re still working on some edits, but the book has a preliminary cover, synopsis, etc,. And the preorder details are also up on Amazon, B&N and elsewhere.

If all goes well, there will be a lot of hype around this one. I’m really happy with the book and it’s also incredibly offensive and dark, which is fitting for a Halloween release. I’ll post some excerpts from the book, along with some more release details, closer to the time:
Herbert isn’t like other children his age. He isn’t like the academic elite, the geeky children who get all the grades and are adored by their teachers. He isn’t like the extroverts, the socially adept and popular kids who never want for anything and always have a shoulder to cry on. And he isn’t like the bullies, the ones who taunt and beat him on a daily basis. Herbert isn’t like any of his peers, or indeed anyone he knows. The person Herbert identifies with the most, the person he idolizes and yearns to be, is The Butcher, a brutal and prolific serial killer.

Following another beating by the kids he despises at a school he hates, Herbert returns home to his inconspicuous existence with his solitary, silent, and coldhearted father. But life for Herbert is about to change. The shackles that have held him to mediocrity and anonymity are about to be broken. Not only does Herbert discover his father has died, but on further examination, he also discovers his dad was The Butcher, the very man whom everyone had feared and whom he had worshipped.

Life had been cruel to his father and death had been cruel to his legend, but Herbert decides that he will carry on his father’s name. He will be the man in the shadows, the thing that everyone fears. He will become The Butcher.

An Idiot in Love: Preorder

On June 7th, An Idiot in Love will be republished. The first of the previously self-published (now unavailable) books to be re-released. You can preorder An Idiot in Love on paperback from Amazon here: The fact that Amazon have reloaded the old book page and reviews means that it has 140 reviews several months before it even hits the printers. That’s got to be a record.

It might still be linked to previous editions as well, but all of these have been unpublished, so they’ll show as “Out of Print”. The book is also available for preorder on Barnes and Noble and other book retailers, and it should be widely available upon release.

I live in the sticks, but if you own a book shop, book club or anything else, and you want me to pop along for a signing or a talk, use the “Contact” page to get in touch. I’m not great at public speaking, but I’m hoping that if I get very drunk, then I won’t remember how bad I was. I will also have a limited number of ARCs, so if you want to review the book in advance, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

An Idiot in Love

idinloKieran’s love life didn’t get off to a good start. He threw up after his first kiss, was beaten up by the first girl to have a crush on him, and after a mix-up with his first love letter, he could only sit back and watch as the entire school mistook him for a brutal murderer. By the time the hormones kicked in, Kieran had all but given up on love, but the worst was yet to come.

Relying on advice from friends who are just as dumb and just as clueless, Kieran weaves a stuttering, stumbling path through the world of adult dating. He lacks decorum, charisma, confidence—everything he needs to succeed. Yet despite that, there is one girl who changes him, one girl who eases his nerves and gives him hope. She is everything he had hoped for: beautiful, generous, funny—and she didn’t turn tail and run when she first saw him. The question is whether Kieran’s luck can hold long enough to make a relationship with her last, and whether all of the mishaps and misadventures that go before, between, and after will put him off dating for good.

An Idiot in Love is written in an autobiographical style, chronicling a series of unfortunate sexual encounters and relationships that both sexes can appreciate and sympathize with.